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What Makes Things Go Viral?

September 27, 2013

“What makes things go viral?” is the question that most businesses have on their minds since the beginning of the social media trend. A few years ago this question would have been answered that it was simply luck, that no one could predict what could go viral. The one thing they never expected to hear was that there is a science behind why people share some things rather than others. It is not enough just to be involved in social media, and post on Facebook and Twitter everyday. The key to going viral is sharing a piece of information that will make the reader feel good enough about himself that it makes him want to share it too. For example LinkedIn sent out an email to some users congratulating them on being in the top 5% for having the most views on their LinkedIn profiles. Most people took to Facebook and Twitter to share the news about how they are now, “kind of a big deal,” as many of them declared themselves. This just reinstated the fact that if a piece of content makes people seem smart they will be more likely to share it with their friends.

Predict Twitter Popularity

Don’t lie every time you tweet you hope that your 140 characters tweet will blow up, and you patiently wait staring at your phone to see how many favorites and retweets you will get. Researchers have developed a model that they claim can predict how popular a tweet will be. This unique formula does not involve looking at the content of the tweet at all, but actually focuses on the behavior of people and retweets on Twitter. One of the creators, Tauhid Zaman, stated, “I can’t tell you what kind of tweet is going to be big, but I can tell you the minutes of which one [tweet] is going to be big.” Zaman and the other two creators came up with a model that they have nicknamed “Twouija”, which is a play on words between Twitter and an Ouija board (game where your future is predicted). Through analyzing data on Twitter researchers found that the number of retweets between a popular Twitter user and a common Twitter user work the same way. They found that during the first 10 minutes after a tweet both users had about 50% of the retweets that they will have in total. For example, if a popular tweeter receives 100 retweets in 10 minutes overall it would end up with around 200 retweets, and a less popular tweeter who received 3 retweets in 10 minutes will end up with 6 retweets in the long run. What does this mean? Zaman explained, “You can actually build a system that ranks your content on your timeline based upon these two metrics of eventual popularity… and how old it (a tweet) is right now.”

Master The Social Media Strategy

September 13, 2013

Creating a social media strategy is key to having success in the social media world. Although it may seem exciting to have all of these different profiles if you don’t know what to do with them they become pointless.
It is better to be really good at one social media site than stink on all of them. It takes a lot of time to make one site look perfect, so if you do not have the time to work on all of your sites choose one that will really make you stand out. As long as you are creating great content and interacting with fans that one site will get you farther than having four or five crappy sites.
If you only have time to manage one social media site, you might consider focusing mainly on Facebook. Facebook has become the top of the social media chain having over 1.1 billion users and it is easy to communicate with fans in fun and creative ways.
Lastly, it is important to have a content strategy. You don’t want to seem like a spammer only posting promotional material so it is important that you keep these posts to a minimum. For the rest of your posts, keep it fun, interesting, motivational. They key is to present content that has value and will affect the customer in some way.

Should We Pay To Get Rid of Facebook Ads?

September 6, 2013

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that Facebook ads are nothing but annoying and overall serve very little purpose. Most of the time these ads or sponsored posts do not even relate to pages you have liked or websites you have visited which is just annoying. Agreeing with this idea, co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, suggested that Facebook should launch a premium option that would let users pat $10 a month to get rid of ads, which is a genius idea! Not only would it get rid of those ads that you do not care about it would also bring in the large revenue that Facebook’s stock has been after ever since it launched. Stone also mentioned adding in special features that only premium users can access which would make the deal even more lucrative. The main question is though are people willing to give up a free service with ads for the same service with the exception of ads for a fee? Personally, although the ads may just fill space on the page for me, I would not pay $120 a year just to get rid of them, and most likely a large amount of people would agree with me. I guess only time will tell whether Zuckerberg will steal Stones idea or not.

The Downfall of Buying Your Fans

August 30, 2013

Just like you can’t buy your friends in real life, you should not buy your Facebook fans either. Although, it may seem like a lucrative deal to spend pennies to purchase thousands of fans it is not a good idea. You would not trust a deal where you can get an iPod for a dollar so why would you trust this?
One of the main problems is that you are paying for quantity and not quality. There is no point of having so many fans when only a small amount of them are actually interacting with your brand. Chances are your bought fans are not going to read your updates or purchase your products so in reality what is the point of having them?
Also imagine how it looks when your small business that barely had any traffic now has 10,000 fans without any effort at all. Your “secret” becomes pretty obvious very quickly and will most likely have a negative effect on your true fans. No one ever said that growing a fan page is easy, it takes time. So suffer through the months of having a lower amount of fans and work on your interactions with your true fans and hope that your sincerity will help you gain new fans.