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Public Policy

Ever wonder what the average attendance is at a city hall meeting? If you are at this page, probably not – you know that it is low (unfortunately so). You also know that the majority of the people that are going to be at the meeting are there because they are really upset (hopefully not at your proposal), they have their own proposal to present, or there is something going on in the city and they want to ensure that their voice be heard. None of these groups work to help the city commission understand whether your project is something that has community support.

Does this change for voters? Not really. A voter also wants to ensure that their voice is heard. The only difference is that even when they don’t really have the details on an amendment (and the explanation is too hard to understand) they will still vote, usually based upon whatever “feels right.” How many great amendments have gone down in flames, or horrible amendments (costing taxpayers millions) have been passed? Too many!

RealTime Marketing Group works with developers and special interest groups to educate the public on what is happening in their community. Now, we can’t promise that it will always be positive feedback, if your project is bad – the community is likely to tell you so. However, if your project is good, RealTime Marketing Group will micro-target your audience in an effective and affordable way, allowing you to raise awareness and support for your proposal. We know how to engage the community and how to educate voters. Don’t continue reckless spending with the spray and pray marketing methodologies you have been accustomed to using in the past.