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Political Campaigns

Creating a social media plan has become a necessary part of a political campaign. Although it may not be something that every politician feels comfortable with, the voters are consistently using social tools to determine how they feel about a particular candidate. It is the responsibility of the candidate and their political team, or the special interest groups, to ensure that the desired candidate remain top-of-mind in a positive manner.

It is important to understand that the social media strategist is a completely different voice than your long-standing political consultants or campaign managers. The message that is recommended by a political consultant many times will differ from the voice delivered by the social strategist. Political consultants are used to working with large budgets and have a superior understanding of how to deliver traditional media in a way that voters will easily digest. As social media strategists, RealTime Marketing Group understands that voters are living in a world of information overload, and there is a precise timeframe and voice that is critical in creating a successful social media campaign for a political race. We work hand-in-hand with your team, analyzing data, evaluating the details, and engaging the voters.

Some of our political success includes:


  1. Sorry, we believe that the voice of our political campaigns belongs to the candidates we represent, therefore we will not release the name of any politicians we have served.
  2. We do not select our clients based upon political affiliation, but moral code (in other words, see #2).
  3. We will only run 1 political candidate per municipal election, and we will not agree to represent a political candidate until we have done our due diligence. (Again, please see #2)