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RealTime Marketing Group knows how to promote events through social media…and we LOVE it! We have won Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards for our social media campaigns, digital marketing, and websites for events and festivals. Don’t get us wrong; we work with some of the best event production companies in Florida and Georgia, so they make our work easy. Our philosophy is: if your event is already great, we can make it even greater! Each of our campaigns has experienced record, year-over-year, increased attendance. We have supported seafood festivals, jazz festivals, blues festivals, reggae festivals, art festivals, rock festivals, cook-off festivals, major holiday events, and more street closing activities than we can count or mention.

Why are we so successful? Because we understand that it is about more than 1-day (or 3-days, or a week, or however long your festival may be). The success of the event and campaign is about the experience leading up to, and following up after the event. Prior to working on events we never realized just how much anxiety existed around whether it was rain or shine. Once RealTime Marketing Group became entrenched in events we realized how important it was to deliver, regardless of rain or shine.

With this mentality, RealTime Marketing Group has created a strategy that takes into account sponsors, vendors and attendees. Our goal is to allow sponsors to feel like they have gotten a great investment even before the gates have ever opened, to ensure that vendors are not only getting business the day of the event, but prior to and after the event, and that attendees know that rain or shine, this is one party they do not want to miss.

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