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Cities & Municipalities

Cities and Municipalities are facing a new era; an era where they can suddenly speak directly to their residents, their potential visitors, the media, and even become their own media. In the past, this type of direct line was cost prohibitive, and with the budget cuts that many communities have faced, public information officers were forced to figure out how to spread the word without the money to do so. A DDA, CRA, BID, or CVB are all challenged with their own agendas, yet a key factor in that success is educating the public. The ability to connect with your exact target audience will drive the future success of your community.

RealTime Marketing Group has been working with cities and municipalities, community redevelopment agencies, downtown development authorities, business improvement districts, and downtown marketing cooperatives to develop award-winning campaigns that grow awareness and engagement. Take a look at some of the results our clients have noticed in the past year: