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Brand Engagement

Do you realize that your business needs to have a presence on social media, but can’t quite understand how a Facebook page will help you grow your business? Probably for good reason – most of the time it can’t. If you think we can sell your product, you’re wrong! If you think Facebook will suddenly put you in front of 1 billion people who, “if even .1% of them buy your product” you will be a success, we are the bearers of what we like to call a RealTime Reality Check.

Social media is a conversation tool, it is a not a space to hoc your latest must-have item. You are dealing with people, people who are used to having information bombarding them as they are being pitched from nearly every medium that they touch. Consider this: you wake up and turn on the television, it is no longer just the commercials trying to sell you, but also the product that is strategically placed in the hand of your favorite actress. You pick up the newspaper and find limited newsworthy content placed between all of the ads (or worse – you open your app and have to swipe pass 3 advertisements before you can even read the news). You leave your home and have digital billboards flashing multiple products and events at you as you commute to work. Your email box has 35 messages, 34 SPAM filled sales tactics, the other one is a chain letter email about how much you are loved (courtesy of your great Aunt – yes, you have asked her a million times to stop sending them). The point is clear – everywhere you turn you are just a consumer bombarded with the most irrelevant products throughout 90% of your day. That is NOT what RealTime Marketing Group does.

RealTime Marketing Group helps you create meaningful, engaging relationships with your potential customers. We do not put you in front of the large majority of individuals who are not right for your brand; we help you create a dialogue with the consumers who are exactly right for your brand. Does that relationship mean that they want your product today, this week, or this year? Not necessarily, but what it does mean is that we are not acting as a “used car salesman” trying to figure out what it is going to take to get you in that car today. What we do create is a relationship that is more genuine, so that when I do need that car, you are the person who I feel that I can trust, and when my friends and family are in the need of your product, you are the first brand that I recommend. Your brand should be focused on delivering the highest-quality product available, RealTime Marketing Group focuses on making sure that people know about it and are talking about it.