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Digital Strategy

In the 1990’s it became obvious that your brand needed a website. In the 2000’s it became obvious that you should start collecting e-mails to connect with your customers, and in the late 2000’s you may have even started your own YouTube channel. Then, in the 2010’s social media, and the fact that many people carry a phone that has Internet capabilities, has once again changed the world. The fact is that it is no longer a decade before the next technology changes the way that you do business. New applications are popping up every day, each with their own values and detriments. How is it possible to stay focused on your business when there are so many competing (interests) distracting you from your purpose?

At RealTime Marketing Group we believe that the answer is simple, you need a strategy, a plan, a point of focus. Although it is important to be flexible, and ready to adapt, it is equally important to have a clear goal with objectives that are not easily sidetracked by the “shiny new toy” that has suddenly become the fascination of every teen. The RealTime Marketing Group team will work with you to understand your goals, your audience, what has traditionally worked, what you have tried that hasn’t worked, and build a benchmark from which to measure and create a strategy that is right for your brand. Our team will also continue to measure your success and provide strategy and tactics that assist in keeping your organization focused on the goals.

Facebook alone as 1.1 billion users

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