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Social Media

Passionate. That’s how RealTime feels about Social Media. We eat, sleep, and breathe it. It’s not the typical 9-5 around here; our team is dedicated to making your company the best it can be. With RealTime, you don’t have to worry about not posting on nights, weekend, and holidays. We’re on it!

Companies who delegate their social media campaign to an existing employee are often unsuccessful in their efforts because success in social media requires 24/7 dedication. As a Social Media Agency, RealTime Marketing Group is able to focus 100% of our effort on your social media campaign.

Never before have consumers been so engaged with brands as they are today. Whether they have something good to say or not, your customers are turning to Social Media to have their opinion of your company heard. This dialogue should be used to your advantage – to show customers that you’re after more than their money, but you care about their input. Social Media has become the front line for customer service, and RTMG is leading the revolution.