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What Makes Things Go Viral?

“What makes things go viral?” is the question that most businesses have on their minds since the beginning of the social media trend. A few years ago this question would have been answered that it was simply luck, that no one could predict what could go viral. The one thing they never expected to hear was that there is a science behind why people share some things rather than others. It is not enough just to be involved in social media, and post on Facebook and Twitter everyday. The key to going viral is sharing a piece of information that will make the reader feel good enough about himself that it makes him want to share it too. For example LinkedIn sent out an email to some users congratulating them on being in the top 5% for having the most views on their LinkedIn profiles. Most people took to Facebook and Twitter to share the news about how they are now, “kind of a big deal,” as many of them declared themselves. This just reinstated the fact that if a piece of content makes people seem smart they will be more likely to share it with their friends.