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Should We Pay To Get Rid of Facebook Ads?

I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that Facebook ads are nothing but annoying and overall serve very little purpose. Most of the time these ads or sponsored posts do not even relate to pages you have liked or websites you have visited which is just annoying. Agreeing with this idea, co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, suggested that Facebook should launch a premium option that would let users pat $10 a month to get rid of ads, which is a genius idea! Not only would it get rid of those ads that you do not care about it would also bring in the large revenue that Facebook’s stock has been after ever since it launched. Stone also mentioned adding in special features that only premium users can access which would make the deal even more lucrative. The main question is though are people willing to give up a free service with ads for the same service with the exception of ads for a fee? Personally, although the ads may just fill space on the page for me, I would not pay $120 a year just to get rid of them, and most likely a large amount of people would agree with me. I guess only time will tell whether Zuckerberg will steal Stones idea or not.