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The Downfall of Buying Your Fans

Just like you can’t buy your friends in real life, you should not buy your Facebook fans either. Although, it may seem like a lucrative deal to spend pennies to purchase thousands of fans it is not a good idea. You would not trust a deal where you can get an iPod for a dollar so why would you trust this?
One of the main problems is that you are paying for quantity and not quality. There is no point of having so many fans when only a small amount of them are actually interacting with your brand. Chances are your bought fans are not going to read your updates or purchase your products so in reality what is the point of having them?
Also imagine how it looks when your small business that barely had any traffic now has 10,000 fans without any effort at all. Your “secret” becomes pretty obvious very quickly and will most likely have a negative effect on your true fans. No one ever said that growing a fan page is easy, it takes time. So suffer through the months of having a lower amount of fans and work on your interactions with your true fans and hope that your sincerity will help you gain new fans.