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3 Trends in Social Media

We have entered a world where we literally can have any information we might need at our fingertips in seconds. Of course the biggest advancement has been in social media, where marketers are able to use tools and technology without having to beg or pay for attention. Although a lot of the actual marketing may come free, everything in the end has some kind of cost, and in this case that cost is having to manage and adapt to the changing world of social media. Three trends you should not ignore are content marketing, mobile marketing, and Personalized Marketing.
Content marketing is known for its importance across all aspects of social media. It is important to recognize this trend and understand how it underlies almost all-digital marketing. We need to remember that Facebook is only one social media outlet, we should not forget Twitter, Blogs, etc. Creating “liquid content” is possibly the most important thing when creating brand awareness.
More than ever before we are attached to our smartphones and tablets, which means that creating marketing messages that are optimized in mobile platforms is a must! We all know that it does not matter how busy our days are we always make time to check out Facebook, Twitter, and emails on our mobile device. The surge of smartphones has made it vital that companies recreate websites, blogs, and even email formats so they can be viewed easily on mobile devices as well as online.
When walking into a store you are least likely to buy the top that is “one size fits all” because it does not fit specifically you perfectly, so why should marketing be any different? It is important to realize that not all consumers are the same and that mass messages are becoming less effective. One of the main highlights of social media is that it is easy to capture a person’s personal preferences so take advantage of technology and personalize your marketing.