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5 Great Timeline Designs from Facebook Users

is rolling out the “Timeline” profile. The new profile is organized chronologically and presents greater opportunities for customization.  One of the most intriguing features that the timeline offers is the cover photo. The cover photo is a large photo that acts as a semi-background really creating the tone and personality of the profile. The typical cover photo tends to consist of family and friends, be a scenic landscape, or even an iconic picture; however some people have taken the cover photo outside the box. Uploading a cover photo is easy, but for those who need some help making a statement, many websites like will  help you customize your very own! Here are five unique ways people have revamped their profile with the new feature. Let us know what you think!


5. This one from Lawson Hembree V brings back the polaroid. We really like the photo stacking idea!

4. This next one comes from Ekkapong Techawongthaworn. There’s a storm of creativity going here.

3. We thought this was a pretty tricky way of keeping the old Facebook layout without actually keeping it. This clever idea was brought to us from Andrew Grojean.

2. Mohammad L. Azzam makes us smile when he takes this quote from Steve Jobs quite literally.

1. Our top spot goes to Vinh Nguyen for this masterpiece. In Vinh’s cover photo he gives us his timeline into the future. He checks in on the moon and even wins the lottery in the year 2039.

Have you seen any creative Facebook profiles? Visit us at and show us who you think deserves to be on the list.